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Life is short, so capture the best moments like a photographer and be thankful for every day. My name is Giovanni Malfitano, I’m an Italian based in Germany working as a webmaster and photographer for some Italian truism projects since 2001.

Photography is a part of my life since I was born in 1976, my father is a master of photography, working for more than 40 years as a professional. I never thought that I would follow his street, but since 2015 I realized that photography is also an important part of my life. This was the beginning of this website called Giopix ® where I’m going to showcase some of my pictures, mostly available for print and license. 

As a nature lover I spend most of my time with nature and landscape photography, but I’m open for all kind of challenges to grow my experience. I think that photography is a language that can be understood in every place on earth by the same way, this makes it so exiting to getting deeper and deeper into the world of real photography. I don’t like to spend much time in postproduction with Photoshop or Lightroom, I prefer to practice my skills by doing like my father did. Software like Lightroom is very powerful and nice to have, but I describe my style as natural and authentic without sophisticated manipulations of my photographs.   

I hope you like some of my works and I would be pleased if you leave me a comment or constructive criticism which helps me to recognize my mistakes.

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